Argumentative Essay Topics for Excellent Writings

There is a good chance that the reason you are reading this article is that you have to write the argumentative essay. Middle school and college students often get exposed to argumentative writing level. When it comes to essay writing assignments, a significant number of them involve forming and defending arguments and claims by writing argumentative essays. As one goes for further and higher education the complexity of writing tasks, a number of requirements, strictness of rules, as well as demands for paper length and use of advanced vocabulary and grammatical structures, get tougher and tougher. As can be expected, essay writing at the college level is the most demanding. One of the key aspects involved in creating a compelling essay that can get you a high grade is choosing a topic you are familiar with and which is interesting to you, as well as to your potential audience. But since we are talking about the argumentative essay, the above criteria are by far not the only ones. You have to choose (if you are allowed to do so) a topic that is both debatable and lends itself well to research. Bear in mind that if you pick a topic that is interesting and familiar to you but offers little in the way of researchable material to support your claims, your whole essay becomes pointless. That is because writing an argumentative essay is a process of putting forth logical reasons for the primary goal of convincing the reader that the writer’s claims or views are valid or have merit.

Many students may struggle with what kind of topic they should choose, so it is always helpful to consult with your course instructor or professor. If you are given a list of argumentative essay topics to select from or allowed to choose your own topic, consider the following factors:

  • Your personal interest in writing about the topic.
  • Availability and accessibility of materials for researching the topic.
  • The complexity of the topic.
  • Expected submission time (or deadline).

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics to Explore

In this section, we’ll provide you with a number of argumentative essay ideas, the primary goal of which is to help you figure out what it is you want to write about. It is not necessarily expected that you will choose a specific topic from the below list — we hope that — at the very least — they will serve as a kind of ‘pointer’ to your topic of choice. In other words, as you go through the list, you’ll have your ‘eureka’ moment, following which you will have a clearer idea of what topic you want to go with. For us, that will mean that the goal of this article has been accomplished.

Role Models in Modern Society

Here are some good argumentative essay topics on role models in modern society to consider.

  1. Are music and movie stars suitable role models for young adults?
  2. Are mainstream media going overboard lionizing celebrities as being ‘god-like’ famous stars?
  3. Is it proper to have double standards for judging male vs. female celebrities concerning their personal weaknesses and publicized shortcomings?
  4. Should political figures be considered better role models than movie and music stars?
  5. Should mainstream media concentrate less on the lives of famous actors and musicians more on scientists and other intellectually-inclined professionals who contribute more to advancing the quality of our lives?

Family and Close Relatives

There is nothing as much important as our family. However, this aspect of our lives is full of points to discuss in your essay.

  1. Choosing the beloved one above others: Is it appropriate for parents to have a favorite child among their children?
  2. Sibling rivalry: Is it normal and healthy for siblings to develop a rivalry in childhood and teenagehood?
  3. Blood or water: Should wives or husbands be cherished more than siblings when tough decisions have to be made?
  4. Leaving the apron strings intact: Are there valid reasons for mature and adult children to live under their parent’s roof?
  5. Inheritance: Is it proper and acceptable for children to feel entitled to the fortunes of their parents as opposed to building their own?

Parents and Parenting

Parenting as a phenomenon can be discussed from the different angles and be a good source of essay topics.

  1. Footing the bill: Who should be the breadwinner in the family — the husband, wife or both?
  2. Is it appropriate for parents to have a favorite child among their children?
  3. Is there any validity to the claim that men feel ashamed and emasculated when their wives earn more?
  4. Father or mother: Who performs better at parenting a child?
  5. Sex education: Who should discuss all sex-related matters with children — their parents or teachers?

Observing Life in Neighborhoods

Our surroundings affect the way we live a lot. Look through our list of argumentative essay topics on neighborhoods.

  1. Is neighborhood watch more effective in protecting lives and property than the police?
  2. Living with diverse neighbors: Are there any real benefits and do they outweigh any adverse effects?
  3. Are smaller residential communities better than larger communities in fostering a sense of belonging and oneness?
  4. Gentrification: Should wealthier residents be allowed to buy up properties in historically lower-income communities?
  5. Counting the cost: Are crime rates in economically diverse neighborhoods higher?

Childhood Memories

Here are some topics you can use while writing your argumentative essay on childhood.

  1. Fact or fiction: Can childhood memories be considered accurate recollections of actual events?
  2. Childhood abuses: Are the victims guilty of not speaking to their parents or guardians?
  3. Parental discord: Are there real and significant impacts of parents` quarrels and fightings on a child's social relationships in adulthood?
  4. Child labor: Do working children have a greater propensity to succeed in life than those who have no employment?
  5. Living in foster homes: Are there any benefits to being in such secondary family circles?

Home and Life At Home

There is no place like home. Choose one of the topics below and come up with a good essay.

  1. The proximity of home and school: Are there any substantial benefits? Do they outweigh the negative aspects?
  2. Are large families more functional and happier than smaller ones?
  3. Leaving the apron strings intact: Are there any valid reasons for mature and adult children to continue living in their parents` house?
  4. Are polygamous family structures more beneficial or detrimental to society at large?
  5. Is it reasonable and acceptable for the government to provide housing benefits for large families?

Growing Up

What are the difficulties of becoming an adult? See what topics on growing up you can highlight in your essay.

  1. Living in foster homes: Are there any meaningful benefits to living in such secondary family circles? Do they outweigh the adverse effects?
  2. Child labor: Do working children have a greater propensity to succeed in life than those who have no employment?
  3. Should children be allowed to pursue their passions that lie outside of traditional education, especially when balancing both is impractical?
  4. Expatriate parents: Does more harm versus good come to children whose parents are often forced to change the family location of residence due to work?
  5. Are children who develop childhood passions and interests more likely to be successful as adults in their chosen careers than those who do not?

School Life

Education is one of the most crucial parts of our life. Look through our school life argumentative writing topics.

  1. Dealing with bullies: Should victimized students react with violence or simply bear emotional and physical torture?
  2. The proximity of home and school: Are there any substantial benefits? Do they outweigh the negative aspects?
  3. Laying the blame: Should bullied students, or school administrators, or parents of bullies be blamed for the actions of bullies at school?
  4. Does it do more harm than good to students to keep close friend circles and group affiliations?
  5. Working class father, stay at home mother: should husbands and wives bear equal responsibility for the shortcomings (undesirable actions) of their children in school?

Life in and After College or University

In colleges and universities, teenagers make crucial choices that influence their future life. What to write about in your argumentative college essay?

Does the choice of college have a significant impact on students’ career prospects and success?

  1. Hype or hope: Do prestigious universities add more value to the intellectual lives and employment prospects of their students?
  2. Weighing pros & cons: Do the benefits of being a member of fraternities and sororities outweigh the consequences?
  3. Solo vs. Team: Does studying in a group produce more meaningful results than studying individually?
  4. Work and play: Do extracurricular activities result in substantial improvement in the academic performance of students?

Work and Careers

Consider our ideas about a career for a good argumentative essay and find the best one for your writing!

  1. Do employees excel and contribute more to their jobs when they are allowed to take the initiative without supervisory constraints?
  2. Life of expatriates: Is having to move frequently more harmful than beneficial to children whose parents are often forced to do so due to work-related reasons?
  3. Far or near: Is working remotely more beneficial than office work?
  4. Career mentorship: Are there any real benefits to having mentors? Is it worth it?
  5. Organizational culture: Should females be vocal and active in the struggle against sexism in the workplace to solve the problem?

Now that you have looked through the above topics, you should ensure that whatever topic you finally settle on fits the guidelines for your essay. Consult with your professor or course instructor before you start researching the topic. You do not want to find yourself in a situation when you’re told upon submission that the topic is inappropriate or unacceptable, now do you? Unless, of course, you are OK with getting a much lower grade or starting from scratch and redoing the whole assignment. Remember — one of the key differences between colleges and lower tier educational institutions lies in strict adherence to your instructor’s requirements.

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